Overnight RV Parking at Home Depot

Dec 13, 2022 | RV Parking

Overnight RV Parking at Home Depot

Here's everything you need to know about overnight RV parking at Home Depot.

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Photo: Nate Day

Did you know that many Home Depot stores offer free overnight RV parking? That’s right, if you’re passing through on a road trip and need a quick stop, most Home Depot locations will allow you to stay the night in their spacious lots.

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With so many locations across the U.S., chances are good that you can find a store along your route. Here’s what you need to know about getting a good night’s rest during your stop at Home Depot.

What to Know About RV Parking at Home Depot

Before you pull in, know that most Home Depot stores allow RVs to park in their lots for free—but some don’t. Local regulations restrict overnight RV parking in some areas, so it’s important to speak with a manager at the location beforehand. You can either call or walk into the store to ask for permission.

Even if you’ve stayed overnight at a particular Home Depot in the past, it’s always good to ask again to make sure rules haven’t changed and to avoid any misunderstandings with security.

The backside of a toy hauler RV is seen parked off to the side of a Home Depot parking lot.
Photo: Nate Day

How to Find Overnight RV Parking at Home Depot

Finding overnight parking at Home Depot and other businesses is simple with Overnight RV Parking. Start by logging into the Overnight RV Parking website and type your desired city and state or province into the search box. Roadpass Pro members can also search via the Togo RV app by navigating to Overnight RV Parking.

When using the website, open the “Info” menu and uncheck all categories except for “Home & Hardware.” The resulting map will have pins of differing colors. Tap or click on any pin for more details about the location. A quick tip: Red pins designate locations that do not allow overnight parking.

You can also find a list of Home Depot locations online and reach out to them individually to confirm that overnight parking is allowed at the specific location you’ll be near.

What You Should Know Before Parking at Home Depot

Before you park overnight at Home Depot, make sure you understand the parking rules and regulations. Some stores have designated areas where they want overnight parkers to stay. It’s courteous to park away from the entrance, usually toward the back of the lot, to reserve the closest spots for customers. It’s not required that you make a purchase at Home Depot in order to stay there overnight, but it’s a nice gesture to support the store.

When parking in a store parking lot, it’s courteous to minimize your impact on the business. Don’t lower your jacks, as it can damage asphalt that wasn’t specifically poured to support an RV. Be as quiet as possible, keeping TV and radio volume to a minimum. Don’t run generators, and avoid putting slides and awnings out. The most crucial thing to keep in mind when overnight parking anywhere is to clean up after yourself. Take any trash with you to dispose of at your next camping spot.

Finally, be aware of your surroundings. In a public location that’s not a paid RV site, there may be people loitering in the area. Stay with your group, and always make sure to lock your RV. If the spot doesn’t seem safe, move on to another location or campground to stay the night.

An RV parked in front of a Home Depot store.
Photo: Nate Day

Common Questions About Home Depot and RVing

How to know if a Home Depot allows overnight parking?

Always speak with a manager to confirm that overnight parking is available for RVers. If you call ahead, note the manager’s name so that any on-site employees can be reassured that you received permission to stay.

Can you sleep in a Home Depot parking lot?

As long as local laws allow it and the Home Depot manager is okay with you parking your RV in their lot overnight, you can sleep in a Home Depot parking lot.

How long can you park at Home Depot? 

Specific time limits are set by local laws and by the store manager, but it’s polite to limit stays to a single night. This helps reserve space for others passing through and helps keep Home Depot locations willing to host RVers in the future. Overstaying your welcome can cause problems for the whole RVing community.

Do I need to make a purchase at Home Depot in order to park there?

It’s not required that you make a purchase at Home Depot in order to park there. However, it’s nice to support businesses that support RVers—so if you need something, go ahead and pick it up in the store.

And remember, when thoughtful RVers continue to leave spaces better than they found them, we can all help encourage businesses like Home Depot to keep allowing overnight stops and making road trips easier.

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