Overnight RV Parking at Sam’s Club

Nov 15, 2022 | RV Parking

Overnight RV Parking at Sam’s Club

Here's everything you need to know about overnight RV parking at Sam’s Club locations.

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Most people know about Sam’s Club’s discount bulk goods, but there’s more to the big-box store than just groceries. The members-only warehouse chain offers a variety of services and amenities, including RV parking at select locations. You can stay overnight in your camper or trailer for free at locations that allow overnight RV parking.

Sam’s Club is a wholesale retail chain owned and operated by Walmart. With nearly 600 Sam’s Clubs across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, the retailer offers a lot of potential spots to park when you’re out on the road. There are locations in most states except Alaska, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. 

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What to Know About RV Parking at Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club parking lots are large enough to accommodate multiple RVs, with wide lanes for large trucks that deliver bulk goods to the stores. Not every Sam’s Club location has designated RV parking, so it’s important to check with each store directly before you go. Overnight parking laws vary from town to town and may change. Speak with the club manager for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

A truck and travel trailer RV are parking directly under a sign for Sam's Club.
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How to Find Overnight RV Parking at Sam’s Club

With a Roadpass Pro membership, using the Overnight RV Parking website or the Togo RV app, you can see a detailed list of overnight parking locations as well as cell phone coverage maps, customized GPS navigation, savings from your favorite RV brands, and more.

To view overnight parking at Sam’s Clubs only, tap the information icon to the right of the search bar, locate the “Show/Hide Markers” categories, and deselect everything but “Walmart & Sam’s Club.”

You can also search online for Sam’s Club locations and contact them individually to confirm if they allow overnight parking.

What You Should Know Before Parking at Sam’s Club

When parking overnight at Sam’s Clubs in your RV, be respectful of the location. Obey posted regulations, keep noise volume to a minimum, and clean up after yourself. Etiquette typically dictates that awnings and barbecues should remain stored away, and pets should always be leashed.

Park out of the way in the back of the store, leaving the closest up-front spots reserved for customers. If there are designated big rig parking spots, park following the lines instead of spilling into multiple sites. Try to park in a well-lit area, if possible, so that others can clearly see you and you can see your surroundings. Don’t put your jacks down, as they can damage pavement that isn’t designed to support RV weight. Keep in mind that you should be prepared to move or leave quickly if needed since you’re not parked at a paid site. 

Like any public place, be aware of your surroundings. Stay with your group, and don’t wander off alone. Avoid running your generator, since the sound can be off-putting to customers and nearby businesses, and it’s best practice to not open your slide-outs. Take your trash with you to throw away at your next destination, and always leave spaces cleaner than when you arrived.

To encourage stores to continue allowing RVs to park overnight in their parking lots, keep your stay brief (most RVers agree that it’s polite to limit time spent in a Sam’s Club parking lot to one overnight stay). It’s also encouraged to support the store by shopping, although it’s usually not required at Sam’s Clubs. Most Sam’s Club locations will allow you to stay even if you don’t have a paid membership. The big box retailer even offers a 24-hour guest membership with a 10 percent non-member fee added to your purchase so that you can try it out .

An RV has set up for the night next to a grassy area adjacent to a Sam's Club parking lot.
Photo: Nate Day

Common Questions About Sam’s Club and RVing

How do you know if a Sam’s Club allows overnight parking?

The only way to know for sure if a specific Sam’s Club location currently allows overnight parking is to check with the manager. Simply call or walk to the front door and ask.

Can you sleep in a Sam’s Club parking lot?

You can sleep in a Sam’s Club parking lot with permission from the location’s club manager.

How long can you park at Sam’s Club? 

You can stay overnight at a Sam’s Club location in your RV as long as the club manager allows you to stay, but 1 night is typical and polite. Overnight parking at Sam’s Clubs is a courtesy provided for people passing through, it’s not a long-term vacation destination or an RV park.

Do I need to be a member to park overnight at Sam’s Club?

Overnight parking at Sam’s Clubs is dictated by local laws and the discretion of the club manager, but many clubs allow non-members to park in their lots overnight.

Be courteous to your host, and you’ll help ensure that the RV community has access to overnight parking spots like this for years to come

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