Overnight RV Parking at Elks Lodges

Nov 1, 2022 | RV Parking

Overnight RV Parking at Elks Lodges

Here’s everything you need to know about finding overnight RV parking at Elks Lodges

What to Know About RV Parking at Elks Lodges

As many RVers know, one of the many benefits of joining your local Elks Lodge is the availability of RV accommodations at Elks Lodges across the U.S. RV sites can range from dry camping in a lodge parking lot to properties with water and electric hookups, WiFi, dump stations, proximity to nearby attractions, and more. 

As a member of the B.P.O.E (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks), your access to these facilities comes at little to no cost compared to more traditional campgrounds. For some locations, a suggested donation of $5 to $20 is all it takes to park your rig.

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How to Find Overnight RV Parking at Elks Lodges

Overnight RV Parking is adding all Elks Lodge locations in the U.S. to its database. These are easily identified on the map by color. 

Here’s what you should know about finding Elks Lodges in the Overnight RV Parking database:

  • Elks Lodges that allow overnight RV parking are marked with a purple pointer (royal purple and white are the official colors of the B.P.O.E.).
  • Details of the requested or required donation amount are in the comments for each Lodge.
  • Lodges that don’t allow or don’t have any provisions for overnight RV parking will have red pointers (like any other location that doesn’t allow overnighting).
  • Locations will have a gray pointer if overnight RV parking availability is unknown.
  • The few Elks-owned RV parks that are open to the public are dark green with dollar signs to indicate the price range (like other publicly-accessible RV parks and campgrounds).

What You Should Know Before Parking at an Elks Lodge

In nearly every case, these RV facilities may be used by Elk members in good standing only. Some lodges will allow traveling guests of Elks members to stay overnight even if the RV isn’t owned by the member. Only a few Elks-owned RV parks are open to the general public; these usually have a discounted nightly rate for Elks members.

Rules and RV regulations can vary from lodge to lodge. Be sure to contact each location beforehand in regards to things like maximum RV lengths, pet regulations, stay limits, reservations options, and more. 

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Common Questions About Elks Lodges and RVing

What are Elks Lodges?

Elks Lodges are owned by the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, an American fraternal organization dating back to 1868. These lodges are spread throughout communities in the U.S.

How many Elks Lodges are there?

There are currently more than 2,100 Elks Lodges and more than 1 million Elks members in the U.S.

Should I join the Elks Lodge?

Elks members are known for their community service initiatives and charitable giving. As a member, you have access to the lodge facilities in the U.S. RV owners have been drawn to this feature as many Elks locations offer free or discounted RV parking.

How much does it cost to join the Elks Lodge?

It can cost $50 to $75 to initially join the Elks community with annual membership dues costing up to $100 a year, depending on your community lodge membership fees.

How do I join the Elks Lodge?

Becoming a member requires that you are sponsored by an Elks member in good standing with the organization. Visit the Elks website or contact your local lodge for more information about joining.

How to find Elks Lodges with RV parking?

You can use Overnight RV Parking to locate Elks Lodge locations that allow RVs, including information on pricing, site amenities, and RV length requirements. RV parking at Elks Lodges is also available on its website.

Top Elks Lodge Locations for RV Parking

From proximity to major attractions to fun, Elks-sponsored events like barbecues, rodeos, live entertainment, and more, here are a few Elks Lodge RV destinations that stand out across the U.S.

Elks Lodges With Overnight RV Parking in Florida
  • St. Augustine Elks Lodge
  • Florida Keys Elks Lodge #1872
  • Winter Park Elks Lodge #1830
Elks Lodges With Overnight RV Parking in California
  • Chula Vista Elks Lodge #2011
  • Indio Elks Lodge #1643
  • Napa Elks Lodge #832
Elks Lodges With Overnight RV Parking in New Jersey
  • Marlton Elks Lodge #2514
  • Penns Grove Elks Lodge #1358
Elks Lodges With Overnight RV Parking in Texas
  • Beaumont Elks Lodge #311
  • San Antonio Elks Lodge #216
  • Dallas Elks Lodge #71
Elks Lodges With Overnight RV Parking in Colorado
  • Colorado Springs Elks Lodge #309
  • Grand Junction Elks Lodge #575
  • Westminster Elks Lodge #2227
Elks Lodges With Overnight RV Parking in Oregon
  • Keizer Elks Lodge #2472
  • Tillamook Elks Lodge #1437
  • Florence Elks Lodge #1851
Elks Lodges With Overnight RV Parking in Arizona
  • Lake Havasu City Elks Lodge #2399
  • Scottsdale Elks Lodge #2148
  • Sierra Vista Elks Lodge #2065

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